about me


I have been an Oracle employee in Germany and Switzerland for more than six years as an instructor for technical courses, mainly about database administration.

January 2007 I have raised my own company in Switzerland,
sysdba database consulting GmbH.

I offer
– Oracle trainings
– Oracle consulting
– Oracle support

For more information please visit my company’s website.

24 Responses to about me

  1. Fred Goeres says:

    Hello Lutz! Thanx for being on your Blog. The 10g Workshop II, which you gave, was very good. I hope you will be available as teacher for Oracle courses, for a long time. Teachers as you are rare.
    Regards Fred

  2. Hi Fred,
    thanx for your comment.
    It was a pleasure to teach you because it was such fun!

  3. carlosal says:

    Hello Lutz.

    Just stumbled upon your blog and I liked it very much. (We Oracle adicts!)

    I’ll frequently drop over here.



  4. Gracias,
    y bienvenido en nuestra poca communidad


  5. Alou says:

    Just need advice about oracle
    I have a background in the financial field and i would like to be in the oracle field.
    Is it possible for me to migrate to the oracle field with the new 11g release.
    Thank you for your answer.

  6. Yes of course you could do.
    I would recommend that you take some admin courses, which will be available soon.

  7. Yadu says:

    Hi Lutz,

    I am a frequent visitor of your blog.I like your way of sharing the knowledge in simple english..I feel like as if I am attending your lectures(free of cost!!!). Keep up the good work.Thanks for sharing.


  8. Hi Yadu,
    thanks for your feedback.
    I had to pasuse for a while, was too exhausted. But now I am back and will go on blogging.

  9. Choon Green says:

    As I was searching information for Fast Incremental backups, your article about this topic came up. It is very clear and detail and easy to understand. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.

  10. Hi Choon Green,$
    thanks for the feedback:
    I like to hear that!
    Spread the news!

  11. mangesh says:

    Hi Lutz,

    This is the best oracle blog..
    I equally like reading your travelogue …
    Keep up the good work..


  12. Aman Sharma says:

    Hi sir,
    its great to find your blog.I have got over here and got hooked.I shall be adding it to my blog and site very soon.

  13. Lutz – very nice blogs! I googled my old friend Lester Wells, who used to teach with me at Oracle University – it’s his birthday today and I have lost touch with him….1/11/08

    Best to you in ’08!

  14. Hello Lutz!

    This’s a good blogs.
    It help me improve more skill.


  15. Fred Goeres says:

    Hello Lutz
    Long time nix gehört von dir. Wie hauts es. Würde mich freuen dich mal wieder zu treffen. Bei mir hat sich einiges verändert in Sachen Arbeit. Gib mich ein Lebenszeichen. Gruss Fred

  16. Pasquale Di Leo says:

    Hi Lutz
    enjoy your trip to Cairo. Have fun! Cheers Pasquale

  17. Karen says:

    Hi I couldn’t help looking at your posting about ppl stealing your work. Since the site you mention is based in USA, you do know by US law you can sue these ppl for stealling you publication , that will teach them a good lession.

  18. Hi Karen, thanks for your comment.
    How can I screw these people?
    Thakns and best regards.

  19. Munish Tandon says:

    Hello Lutz,

    Really good site or say Form, I like it, and specially your trips in Europe and other dialogs, basically I am Oracle guy and intested in 11g stuff, currently working on 10g and still digging more in that, but now a days, its an Ocean as things are more defined.
    How can I get the material and learn it, I have the software from Oracle and tried to load it on Sun machine, but haven’t got the change to get back, as I am in Production Support, please keep me posted your new tested material, which I though be better way of learning as you are doing testing and teaching and sharing your experiece with World,

    Munish Tandon

  20. Manan.H.Contractor says:

    Hi Lutz,

    I was student of your recently concluded Oracle 11g DBA workshop in London.It was a privilege to be your student.

    Hope to get trained on RAC by you soon.

    Thanks & Rgds.

  21. Bhavesh Patel says:

    Hello Lutz- I found your website & was interested in knowing whether you teach the class titled:
    “Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Administration for Oracle DBAs”. online as I am based in the US.


    Bhavesh Patel

  22. Victoria says:

    Hello Lutz, I just found your website, very nice. Ever do an web class for SQL Server for Oracle DBAs? I am in the USA.

  23. rahlrath245f says:

    i am from INDIA and found your website pretty interesting and i will visit your blogs.

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